3D Modeling Reel

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3D Modeling Reel

This is my 3D Modeling Showreel. All the 3d models are done by myself in Autodesk Maya. The render is also done by myself using Arnold for Maya.

Showreel breakdown as follows:

1) Rupert the cleaner, design, 3d model, rig, render
2) Double seated bike, design, 3d model, render
3) George the butler, design, 3d model, rig, render
4) The average man, design, 3d model, rig, render
5) Low poly exterior, 3d model, render
6) Low poly interior, design, 3d model, render

Music by Bensound with the soundtrack "Inspire".

More artwork
Cristina zoica dumitru piaggio render 2Cristina zoica dumitru camera1 frame1 psdCristina zoica dumitru wood fence photoshop camera copy