The Cassowary, Australia's heaviest bird

With my art, I’m aiming to bring awareness of the world's natural beauty threatened with extinction. My message is, we all need to be aware that we’re surrounded by amazing living creatures which unfortunately live in a broken environment, an environment shattered by humans.

About this painting

Southern Cassowaries are large flightless birds related to ostriches and emu, are found in the deep tropical forests of New Guinea, Indonesia, and northeastern Australia. And is on the List of Threatened Species.

Typically, all cassowaries are shy birds however, if provoked they are very aggressive especially to humans and dogs, that’s why they often called "the world's most dangerous bird".

Cassowaries have a skin-covered casque on their heads that grows with age. It’s believed that the casque is spanned with fine fibers that have an acoustic function for amplifying deep sounds. Other, suggested functions include being used to batter through the underbrush, as a weapon in dominance disputes.

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