The Great Dalmatian Pelican

With my art, I’m aiming to bring awareness of the world's natural beauty threatened with extinction. My message is, we all need to be aware that we’re surrounded by amazing living creatures which unfortunately live in a broken environment, an environment shattered by humans.

About this painting

The Dalmatian Pelican is the largest of the pelican family and is on the red list of Threatened Species. It’s a migratory bird found in lakes, rivers, and deltas from southeastern Europe, to Russia, India, and China.

It’s perhaps the world's heaviest flying bird species together with the individuals among male bustards and swans. It also appears to have one of the largest wingspans of any living bird, it reaches up yo 290-345cm. 

These pelicans are social birds, they live and travel mainly in flocks. On land, they are not so graceful, but when a whole flock is in flight, all its members move in graceful synchrony.

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