Intro to 3D Animation. Teaching Reel

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Intro to 3D Animation. Teaching Reel

This is my 3D Animation teaching showreel under the beginner class of Introduction to 3D Animation.

All the animations are students' work under my instruction of the introduction class.

I've been both the course creator and the instructor of this course. I constructed the course outline, I taught both theory and software, I supervised and evaluated students' work and I always give hands-on feedback and support.

Software: Autodesk Maya
Nr of Students: 9
Free Rigs: Ultimate Ball, Luxo Lamp, Flour Sack, Ultimate Walker
Music: Bensound with the soundtrack "Memories"

There are no prerequisites need it for this class, neither in terms of animation theory or, software.

1. Ball over obstacles
2. Ball out of the box
3. Ball and the rocker
4. Ball inside the maze
5. Luxo Lamp and the statue (laughing)
6. Luxo Lamp the guardian (alertness)
7. Luxo Lamp passing out (shock)
8. Luxo Lamp sniffing (bad small)
9. Flour Sack, high jump (belly contact)
10. Flour Sack, medium jump (butt recoil)
11. Flour Sack, small jump (clumsy)
12. Flour Sack, ballet dance (one fit support)
13. Walker, normal walk
14. Walker, sneak walk
15. Walker, squashy walk
16. Walker, bouncy walk
17. Walker, walk and stop

More artwork
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