3D Animation Reel

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3D Animation Reel

This is my 3D Animation Showreel. All the animations are done by myself in Autodesk Maya.

Showreel breakdown as follows:

1) Crocodile warrior, 1 character shot
2) Rupert the cleaner, 1 character shot
3.1) The Little painter, 2 characters shot, dialogue
3.2) The Little painter, 1 character shot
3.3) The Little painter, 3 characters shot
4) The three musket minions, 3 characters shot
5) Feeling down, 1 character shot
6) Mafia guy, 1 character shot, dialogue
7) It's a living, 1 character shot

Music by Bensound with the soundtrack "All That".

More artwork
Cristina zoica dumitru the burgular 1Cristina zoica dumitru anim 5Cristina zoica dumitru anim 6 2